Cold / Hot compresses

Cold / heat therapy: Efficient first aid for all types of bruises, swellings or symptoms requiring cold / heat therapy.

The Liavince cold / hot compresses are a medical device that can be used for the treatment of various symptoms such as bruises, swelling, and other conditions that can benefit from either cold or heat therapy. The compresses are microwaveable and reusable.

Product information


The formulation consists of water, coolant, thickener, preservative, neutralizer and food coloring. The gel is biodegradable. No volatile organic compounds.


2 compresses of 13 x 14 cm

Instructions for use

Hot application:

Place the compress in hot water (up to 80°C) for about 4 minutes or heat it in the microwave (2 minutes at 280W). Watch the compress during heating. You can prolong the heating in intervals of 10 seconds. An overheating could destroy the compress. After heating, gently touch the compress and place a towel over it to protect yourself from skin burns. Knead the compress thoroughly after each heating process to ensure even heat distribution. Wrap a towel or similar around the compress and place it on your skin if necessary.

Cold application:

Cool the compress for 2 hours in the refrigerator or freezer compartment of your refrigerator (max. -18°C) You can store the compress in the freezer after use, so that it is always available when needed.

The gel is biodegradable. Wrap the compress with a cloth or similar before applying to the skin. There have been no reports of skin or mucous membrane irritation due to contact with the gel contained in the compress. If gel gets on the skin or into the eye, rinse with plenty of water or rinse, if in doubt consult a doctor. For exterior use only. Do not use damaged compresses. They should be disposed of with household waste. Keep cold/hot compresses out of reach of children.

For cold treatment: for bruises, swelling, sprains, headaches, toothaches, nosebleeds, insect bites, inflammations, mild burns, tennis elbow or fever.

For heat treatment: for sore muscles, tension, back pain, lumbago, colds, menstrual cramps.

Liavince Cold/Hot compresses are ideal for athletes who can use them to reduce bruising, tissue swelling, or sprains during or after exercise.

Do not use in: Arterial circulatory complaints, Raynaud's syndrome, and cold hypersensitivity. Use in acute heart and circulatory diseases and diabetes mellitus only after consulting your doctor.

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