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Cold sore patches

The Liavince cold sore patches utilize a gelatin-free hydrocolloid material that transforms into a gel when it comes into contact with wound fluid. The Liavince cold sore patches act as a mechanical barrier against the herpes simplex virus, which typically appears around the mouth, nose, or chin, as well as for cases of moderate acne vulgaris.


Product information

They are effective at the first signs and maintain their effectiveness at all stages. The patches protect cold sores and have a discreet design at the same time. The product also forms a viral shield to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Promote faster healing of cold sores and relieving pain.
  • Reduce scarring.
  • Invisible application, suitable for use under make-up.
  • Waterproof.


15 round patches, Ø 15 mm

Instructions for use

Step 1:

Wash the affected area with soap and water and dry thoroughly, as oils and moisture may reduce adhesion.

Step 2:

If the cold sore has burst, apply a mild antiseptic.

Step 3:

Apply to the center of the affected area.

Step 4:

Press the patch onto the surrounding skin.

Step 5:

Leave the patch in place until it comes off on its own.

Step 6:

Repeat the procedure until complete healing.

How to remove:

Gently lift the edges of the cold sore patch until it is completely detached from the skin surface. Please discard the patch in the suitable waste receptacle.

The product should not be administered to individuals who have a known sensitivity to the product or any of its constituents, specifically polyisobutenes and carboxymethylcellulose.

  1. Do not use on infected wounds.
  2. For disposable use only. Reusing the product can result in a reduction in product efficacy and an increased risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Combining the patch with a cream is not advisable as it can cause a decrease in the adhesive properties of the patch, resulting in incomplete therapeutic action.
  4. Apply the cold sore patch before applying make-up.
  5. Do not use the product if the package is open/damaged.
  6. Do not use for bleeding wounds/third degree burns.
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