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Digital Fever Thermometer

Temperature check: Contact thermometer with quick probe for easy measurement under the arm and in the mouth.

The Liavince Digital Fever Thermometer is a contact thermometer with a quick-measure sensor that can be used to measure a person's body temperature in the rectal and oral cavities and under the armpit.

Product information

  • RECTAL MEASUREMENT: To measure the basal body temperature accurately, the thermometer tip should be inserted 1-2 centimeters into the rectum and left in place for 9-10 seconds.
  • MEASUREMENT IN THE MOUTH (ORAL CAVITY): The measured temperature is usually 0.3 to 0.8 °C below the rectally measured temperature. The Liavince Digital Fever Thermometer measures the body temperature at this location within about 15-17 seconds.
  • MEASUREMENT IN THE ARMPITS: The measured temperature is 0.5 to 1.5 °C below the rectally measured temperature. The Liavince Digital Fever Thermometer measures the temperature at this location in about 26 – 29 seconds


  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Plastic storage/transport case
  • 1 x instructions for use

How to use

1. Please disinfect the probe before using the thermometer for the first time.

2. To switch on, press the "ON / OFF" button next to the display; a short beep indicates that the thermometer is ready for operation.

3. At the same time, the thermometer performs a self-test, indicated by the appearance of the " " symbol on the LCD display.

4. When the letters "Lo" and a flashing "°C" or "°F" appear on the display, the thermometer is ready for use.

5. If the ambient temperature is below 32 °C or 89.6 °F, "Lo °C" or "Lo °F" will appear on the LCD display. If the ambient temperature is above 42.9 °C or 109.2 °F, "Hi °C" or "Hi °F" will appear on the LCD display.

6. During the measurement process, the current temperature is continuously displayed and the symbol "°C" or "°F" flashes. The measurement is completed upon reaching a constant temperature value. A temperature value is considered stable if it remains unchanged or fluctuates by less than 0.1 C within a 4-second period. After the constant temperature value is reached, the thermometer will emit four beeps and the " C" or " F" symbol will stop flashing on the LCD display.

7. The highest measured temperature appears on the LCD display.

8. When the measurement is complete, please turn off the thermometer by pressing the "ON / OFF" button.


Body temperature can vary depending on the location where it is measured.
For this reason, the measurement location must always be specified to ensure that a correct temperature measurement is recorded.

In the anus (rectal):

This method of measuring body temperature is considered the most accurate from a medical perspective, as it provides a measurement closest to the core body temperature. The thermometer tip should be carefully inserted into the anus for a maximum of 2 cm. The usual measurement time is about 9 to 11 seconds.

In the mouth (oral):

There are different heat zones in the mouth. As a rule, the oral temperature is 0.3 °C to 0.8 °C lower than the rectal temperature. To ensure the most accurate reading possible, the thermometer tip should be placed to the left or right of the tongue root. The thermometer tip must be kept in constant contact with the tissue during reading, and placed under the tongue in one of the two heat pockets on the back of the tongue. Keep your mouth closed during the measurement and breathe evenly through your nose. Do not eat or drink anything before the measurement. The usual measurement time is about 15 to 19 seconds.

Under the armpit:

When the thermometer is placed in the armpit, it measures the surface temperature of the skin, which can be different from the core body temperature. In adults, the armpit temperature measurement can be lower than rectal measurement by approximately 0.5 C to 1.5 C. The usual measurement time for this location is about 23 to 29 seconds. It is important to note that accurate measurement values cannot be achieved if the armpits are allowed to cool before taking the temperature. In this case, we recommend extending the measurement time by about 5 minutes in order to obtain the most accurate measurement possible, which comes as close as possible to the core body temperature.

We strongly recommend the rectal method as the most accurate method for determining basal body temperature. We recommend extending the measurement time by up to 3 minutes after the beep sound.

  • This thermometer is a maximum thermometer, which means that the displayed temperature may continue to rise slightly after the beep tone if the measurement is continued. This is particularly the case with armpit measurements when a temperature value which corresponds approximately to the body core temperature is recorded.
  • Incorrect methods of temperature measurement can lead to inaccurate measurement results.
  • Do not allow the appliance to come into contact with hot water.
  • Do not expose the device to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • Do not drop the thermometer. It is neither shockproof nor impact resistant.
  • Do not modify this device without the manufacturer's permission.
  • Do not bend or open the appliance (except for the battery compartment).
  • Do not clean it with thinner, gasoline or benzene, but only with water or disinfectant.
  • Do not immerse the waterproof thermometers for more than 30 minutes underwater more than 15 cm deep.
  • The thermometer contains small parts (battery, battery compartment) that can be swallowed by children. Do not leave the thermometer unattended near children.
  • Avoid bending the tip of the thermometer by more than 45 degrees.
  • If the ambient temperature is above 35°C or 95°F, immerse the tip of the thermometer in cold water for about 5 to 10 seconds before measuring the temperature.
  • To ensure accurate results, it is recommended to rest for about 30 minutes at room temperature before taking a temperature measurement if you have recently exercised, eaten, or taken a bath.
  • If you or your child have a persistent fever, it is important to seek medical attention from a doctor.

The thermometer should be stored at a temperature between -25 - 55 °C and a humidity of ≤ 95% RH.

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