Early detection pregnancy test,
2 pieces

Early detection: Quick, easy-to-use pregnancy test for reliable early pregnancy detection.


Product Information

The Early detection pregnancy test is suitable for testing pregnancy up to 6 days before the expected period, which is equivalent to 5 days before the missed period.


2 x pregnancy test (in foil bag, incl. silica gel beads)

1 x instructions for use

How to use

Step 1:

Open the foil bag just before use and take the test stick out.

Step 2:

Remove the protective cap and hold the test tip in the urine for at least 5 seconds. Alternatively, the urine sample can be collected in a clean, dry container. There must be enough urine in the container to entirely immerse the testing tip into the urine sample for a minimum of 5 seconds.

Step 3:

To maintain hygiene, please put the protective cap back on the test stick and lay it on a level surface with the display window facing upward. Wait for the pink lines to appear. Read the result within five minutes.

Please note: Do not read the result after more than five minutes.

Ergebnis ablesen:

One line:


Two lines:


No line:

(in control area "C"): Test result is INVALID

Follow up:

  • If the test result shows "NOT PREGNANT" and your period is still delayed, it is recommended to perform another test the next day and consult your gynecologist.
  • If the test result indicates "PREGNANT", please get in touch with your gynecologist promptly. Your gynecologist will guide you on the subsequent steps of your pregnancy, which may include avoiding potential risks to the embryo, such as exposure to X-rays.
  • If the test result appears as "INVALID", it is highly probable that an insufficient amount of urine was used for the test. Please repeat the procedure with a new test.
Schwangerschaftstest frühe Erkennung, 5 PCS
  • In a positive test result indicating "PREGNANT", the two lines may differ in strength and color intensity. During early pregnancy, due to low hCG levels, the line in the test window may appear very faint or thin.
  • Aside from pregnancy, other factors such as illnesses or miscarriages can also result in the presence of detectable levels of hCG in the urine.
  • During menopause, urine may also yield false-positive test results.
  • During the very early stages of pregnancy, low levels of hCG can lead to a negative test result. In this case, the test should be repeated at the earliest after 48 hours.
  • Medications containing hCG or fertility treatments can lead to inaccurate test results. Please consult your doctor.
  • If you have taken multiple pregnancy tests and received conflicting results, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist.
  • For more details, see instructions for use.
  • Deep submersion of the test stick, particularly the testing tip (e.g., in the cup), can lead to potential inaccuracies or malfunction of the test.
  • After 5 minutes, it is no longer safe to interpret the test results accurately. A positive test result that appears faintly after 5 minutes is no longer deemed reliable.

It is recommended to store the product in a sealed bag, away from sunlight and moisture, and at a temperature between 2 C and 30 C. The product should not be stored beyond its stated shelf life of 36 months.

It is recommended to perform the test within 1 hour after opening the sealed bag. DO NOT FREEZE IT.

How does early detection pregnancy rest work?

The pregnancy hormone hCG is formed shortly after fertilization by the placenta and is continuously released into the urine. This hormone increases until the 3rd month of pregnancy. The pregnancy test is designed to detect low concentrations of the hormone hCG in the urine starting at 10 IU, allowing for early detection of pregnancy. 


When can the pregnancy test be used?

With its lower detection limit from 10 IU, the early detection pregnancy test is very sensitive. When making a pregnancy test up to 5 days before the expected period, it is recommended to use only the first-morning urine. Once the due period has passed, the pregnancy test can be taken at any time of the day.


Can alcohol affect the test result?

Performing the test after drinking alcohol is not recommended. 


Can medication affect the test result?

hCG, FSH, LH and TSH containing drugs yes, birth control pills not


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